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28 December 2020 @ 07:23 pm
So in case the above banner of that gorgeoushotamazinglovely korean guy is not clear enough, my journal is now semi-friends locked. RL posts are set to private. Incoherent fandom-related posts are public.   
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!: This is now an inactive journal.
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31 March 2010 @ 12:56 am
OMG LOL so my sister normally sleeps with like half lids open but this time it's like yunho's and she's already on that rapid eye movement stage thing it freaks me out in this dark room at midnight wtfguise.

/run on sentence
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27 March 2010 @ 05:32 am
Right. So we attended the graduation ball yesterday night. It was crazy, we really had a blast! 

We sang our hearts out at the official last recital of the school hymn during the graduation ceremony in the morning. Throughout the day, I felt nostalgic, anxious, gleeful, excited, relieved, sad, you name it. I didn't think I'll miss PCS this much. XD

The food was great! The chocolate trufle cake tasted phenomenal. ♥ Or yeah maybe I'm just a sucker for pastries XD
I have never abhored waking up at 4 am everyday more than this school year. I felt hideously irresponsible more than ever.
Idk, I feel like i'd changed to an apparent degree since 1st year. My drooping grades didn't really seem to be that much of a bother to me anymore.

I've really had a wide range of emotions felt this year. I've been really happy for sometime. I have had this hidden outburst waiting to explode at sometime. And sometimes, I just felt like wanting to have some time machine and reverse things up to get done what should be done. You know, that feeling of resentment, regret, gloom and all.
With how indifferent I may seem towards studying right now, I think even closest friends of mine would prolly have the slightest idea that I was once doing great in class. 

I've also realized there are really great friends. I have been with a bunch of people, different mindsets, different opinions, and each with their unique characteristics, of course. And I may have been a bit easily-influenced and a wee bit more gregarious than I should be, which isn't a good thing either.
That I failed to realize what I really am. What my real mindset and opinions are.

There are people I met this year whom I should thank a bunch for letting me realize that, and of course, for the last blissful memories of high school life I've had experienced. I may have been too "normal" being with some people before. But I sometimes think normal is too boring, right?! XD Either way, I am comfortable when Im with them. And you might not know this, but I LOOOOOOVE YOU GUYSSS.

Samantha, yes I'm mentioning you with your full name XD, though we didn't hang out that much this year, you've been a great buddy jsyk. You're awesome bb. I'LL MISS YOU, REALLY. <3

I hate myself for realizing much more earlier that I gotta go out of the flow. I may have been a bit low-spirited, and I need to get rid of these ghosts that hinder me, that scare me. Then I could make my own flow. I wish the best of luck to all seniors as we broaden our horizons, amidst the inevitable shadows and into the fulfilling sunshine.

In case you are reading this now, yurikaxd , I miss you girl <3 You might not know this, but you are my first best friend in paco. XD Good luck with college too bb :D

LOL long post is long. Sorry. XD

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